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"No water No Life, No Blue No Green" Sylvia Earle

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Lucas Schmitz
Diving Instructor

Hello and welcome on my website. My name is Lucas Schmitz. I am climate scientist, oceanographer and diving instructor. I have more than 18 years experience in diving and 13 years of experience in teaching SCUBA diving. My passion for the under water world has brought me to many places in the world ocean, including the cold waters of the North Sea, the rough waters of the Atlantic and the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Wherever I go, I take my SCUBA equipment with me. And wherever I've been I fell in love with the beautiful life that I found in the ocean.

From the smallest plankton, that ingnites a wonderful light-show at night to the giant Bryde's whale, that chase sardines with an astonishing group intelligence, I had so many encounters that are impossible to describe in words.

I love to share my fascination and love for the marine ecosystem by teaching SCUBA diving. I work together mainly with dive schools in Germany and Portugal. My courses can be booked in german, english or portuguese.

Over the years of observing the marine ecosystem I wittnessed how the ocean suffers by human interferenece. That is why I talk about environmental protection in my courses and give talks about sharks and about the aquatic world.

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